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download: DJ Empirical, “Back Into It”
27 feb 2008

This is another “practice” set I did before one or another of my gigs; judging from the date (02/27/08), I was preparing for the March ’08 edition of Schwarz, the electronic night hosted by The Librarian and me.

As I mentioned when I uploaded this before:

i’m a little rusty, so this week is going to be devoted to un-rustifying.

i threw this together earlier just figuring out what i’m doing again ūüôā it’s mostly dubstep-ish things.


77 Klash – Mad Again (feat. Johnny Osbourne)
Vex’d – Pop Pop V.I.P.
Lone Wolf – Slayed by Shadows
Aaron Spectre – Music Is the Weapon
Benga & Coki – Night (Buraka som Sistema remix)
Cloaks – Hi Tek Buzz
Drop the Lime / Mathhead – Bricks
Twista – Tattoo (a cappella)

download: Quahogs, “/rupture Removal”
09 feb 2008

This was inspired by Language Removal Service, and also People Like Us‘ “The Bits in Between“.

In fact, it can be considered a cover of the latter, as I used DJ /rupture, one of Vicki Bennett’s WFMU colleagues, as the source material. Specifically, I used the February 6, 2008 episode (see here), which featured his interview with Dexplicit.

I didn’t strictly stick to the bits in between words; I also left in self-identifiers (“Mudd Up”, “DJ /rupture”, etc.) and words like “wow” and “like”.