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As you may know, Richard D. James has been going a bit wild over on soundcloud, uploading a bunch of new, unreleased tracks to an initially anonymous account, user48736353001. And by a bunch, I’m saying that although initially they numbered in the 20s, the number grew to nearly 100, only to hit something like 112 a few days later. I thought it was done a week or two ago when it hit 157, but he’s at it again with nearly 20 more, including this gem:

This is a version of Caustic Window’s “101 Rainbows”, which (to my knowledge) only saw release in “ambient mix” form, on the Caustic Window LP in ’94. According to user48736353001 (RDJ), in a comment on the above track’s page, “this was done b4 dat udder1”.

Regardless, enjoy.

While over on soundcloud, doing a bit of cleanup in advance of my new EP, I ran across an old track I made. It’s a weird combination of samples, with a screwed Stevie Wonder for the “verses”, and a bit of MC Pitman on the chorus, reminding us that “shit dj’s play shit records”.

Check it out below


It’s official: my debut release as schädel, on Racecar, has been announced!

The six-track EP, entitled Watch My Captor Grow Old and Die, will arrive on March 10th, just about a month away. As I said on my schädel FB page:

It’s taken me so long to do this that my list of thanks would be totally tl;dr, so rest assured, if you contributed in any way, I appreciate it.

So thanks, everyone. Please click through and listen to the previews over on Racecar’s page.