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download: DJ Empirical, “A Quickie with DJE”
aug 2007

This is a short, 20-minute-ish Serato mix dating back to when I was first starting to play at Clique. There are a couple rough spots, but it’s a good view of where I was musically at the time.


Jamelia “Something About You (Mr Oizo Mix)”
Lil Mama “Lip Gloss (Kid Fresh & Haterboy ReFix)”
Lillica Libertine “Ultra 10”
Cybotron “Clear”
Debbie Gibson “Only in My Dreams”
Federico Franchi “Electron”
Chromeo “Bonafied Lovin'”
Black Ghosts “Let’s Get Physical”
Midnight Juggernauts “Road to Recovery (Miami Horror remix)”
Dandi Wind “Stop Die (remix)”
PROFF “You’ll See (original)”

I was burning it on 3″ cdrs for people for a while. Most people didn’t know what to do with them (especially people with macs) so I stopped.

download: Sandpaper Set, Live @ BASE Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 2007-03-30
30 mar 2007

I was asked to play a noise show downtown Cincinnati at a place called BASE Gallery. Instead of trying the stuff I’d been doing in The Black Fives, I wanted to do something new: play a dj set with pieces of sandpaper instead of records.


I used normal turntables & needles, along with a Kaoss Pad for effects. Someone asked, in a myspace comment, something to the effect of, “Wouldn’t that mess up your needles?”

In short, yes:

sandpaper needles

The blue needle on the left of the low-quality scanner image is a new needle; the two black ones were old, worn out needles i hadn’t yet thrown away. As you can see, the sandpaper completely ravaged them. ūüôā

And for the record (no pun), I used multiple grits of sandpaper over the course of the set, and some with masking tape in a plus-sign shape across the sandpaper to make a kind of rhythmic sound.