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download: Venetian Snares, “Gentleman (1/4 Speed mix)”
17 aug 2010

Today everyone’s been passing around the 8x slowed down Justin Bieber track. It’s pretty sweet, and though I’ve been playing around with slowed samples for quite a while, I never had an app that worked as well as PaulStretch.

After listening to the Bieber track, I thought I’d see what Venetian Snares sounds like at 1/4 speed. It’s not as slow, ratio-wise, as the Bieber thing, but I wanted the result to still have a beat.

If you’d like to hear the original version of “Gentleman“, here you go:

download: DJ Empirical, “Empirical Excerpt (live)”
30 oct 2004

dj empirical, halloween eve @ exbe showcase clevelandThis is just under 10 minutes of my performance at the ExBe Showcase in Cleveland. I was plagued with technical difficulties for the first half of the show, as I remember, and you can tell from this snippet: the right channel of one of my decks was not coming through.

The tracklist on this is essentially two mashups: firstly a Venetian Snares track (something from Songs About My Cats) blended with a bit of The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame”, and then into some exercise record, which blends into something from (I believe) Original Hamster.

That show was particularly special for me, because John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask stopped into the venue to play a few songs. It was the weekend before Election Day, and they were traveling around Ohio (a swing state) to try to just get out the vote. I was (and still am!) a huge fan of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so I was incredibly excited not only to see them, but to share a bill with them, however accidental.

I was busy playing when they were walking around talking to people, but I did manage to get one pic with John Cameron Mitchell (too bad I look silly as hell).

2004-10-30: ExBe Showcase