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(cover artwork by Matt Digges)

So, here we are: we’ve arrived at the release date of the full-length debut from Adam WarRock, entitled The War for Infinity, which also means it’s the release date of my latest dj mix. As I mentioned last week, it’s a mixtape available exclusively as a free bonus download with the purchase of the deluxe version of TWFI.

Here’s the tracklist of the mix, including most, if not all, of the little samples here and there. I threw in a couple drum loops from some producer sample-type discs as well. And just because I’m a bit obsessive, I’ve added a link for most of the tunes, so you can hear them out of context.

A.R. Rahman – Ishq Bina (remix) [watch]
Longmont Potion Castle – Get Fresh Crew
Rye Rye – Bang (instrumental) [watch vocal version]
Lee Dorsey – Get Out Of My Life, Woman [hear]
Adam WarRock – No Album (a cappella) [hear original]
Dirty Projectors and Björk – Ocean [hear]
Radiohead – The National Anthem [watch]

Aoki Takamasa – RN4-09 [hear]
Adam WarRock – SCDP (Build Something) (a cappella)  [hear original]
Iamamiwhoami – B by Tara Busch [hear]
Machine Drum – If Yu Know Your Cockie Bruck Dung (instrumental)
Roni Size and Cypress Hill – Child of the Wild West (instrumental) [hear]
Adam WarRock – The Great Recession (a cappella) [hear original]

The Mighty Boosh – Killaroo [watch]
The Mighty Boosh – The Hitcher [hear]

Ali G and Shaggy – Me Julie (instrumental) [watch original]
Adam WarRock – Girl Comics (a cappella) [hear original]

El Remolón – La Bonita [hear 
The Conet Project – Phonetic Alphabet NATO [hear]
Mr. Flash – Champions (instrumental version) [hear]
Adam WarRock – Bad Meaning Good (a cappella) [hear original]

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Sick Tonight [watch]
Marteria – Amy’s Weinhaus (instrumental) [hear original]
Adam WarRock – PBR (a cappella) [hear original]
Kavinksky – Night Call (Sun Butler mix) [hear]
Adam WarRock – Smashed Gordon (a cappella) [hear original]

Maker – Silver Mountains [hear]
Martin Galway – Green Beret Loader [hear]
Adam WarRock – My Tea Party (a cappella) [hear original]

Blixa Bargeld – Skorbut
Pino Donaggio – For the Last Time We’ll Pray [hear]
Adam WarRock – Six Million Dollar Flow (a cappella) [hear original]
Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (instrumental) [watch original

Otto Von Schirach – Beta Bodega (La Guerra) (instrumental)
Adam WarRock – Supervillainy (a cappella) [hear original]

Anti-Pop Consortium – Volcano (Four Tet instrumental) [hear original]
Neil Perry, character on Dexter, from the episode “Circle of Friends”
Jonathan Bepler – The Ballad of Gary Gilmore (feat. Patty Griffin and Steve Tucker)

Also included with the deluxe version of TWFI is the above mix cut up and arranged as separate Adam WarRock remixes/blends/mashups/whatever. It’s available on its own as well, but it’s free with the album purchase.

(tentative cover artwork by Matt Digges)

click through for download: Adam WarRock, “No Album (DJ Empirical remix)”
30 sep 2010

Forthcoming (next week, to be exact) is an album by Adam WarRock, produced by Ruckus Roboticus, entitled The War for Infinity. I mention this here because one of the bonus downloads you’ll get with the deluxe version of the album is a mixtape, put together by me, using a number of Adam WarRock TrackLog a cappella tracks, mixed with a healthy dose of eclectic tunes from a wide variety of artists, from Radiohead to Otto von Schirach. As a preview of that mixtape, we’ve selected the above tune, “No Album (DJ Empirical remix)”, pulled it out, and arranged it as a standalone track.

As a dj, I’ve always appreciated “unmixed” releases of large scale dj sets, so I thought standalone edits would be a cool thing for use in radio shows and by other djs. The full mix, and a set of dj-friendly edits like this one, will be available as a free bonus to the album on October 7th. Check out Adam WarRock’s site for all the details on what you’ll get with the full release.

Audiography for this remix:

A.R. Rahman, “Ishq Bina (remix)” [watch]
Rye Rye, “Bang (instrumental)” [watch vocal version]
Lee Dorsey, “Get Out Of My Life, Woman” [hear]
Longmont Potion Castle, “Get Fresh Crew”
Adam WarRock, “No Album (a cappella)”
Dirty Projectors & Björk, “Ocean” [hear]
Radiohead, “The National Anthem” [watch]