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download: DJ Empirical, “Nous Nous Appelons Disco”
11 mar 2010

This is a mix I made to promote my monthly disco night, Nous Nous Appelons Disco. It’s 80 minutes of stuff I play at my night, meaning Disco (of any kind, but especially space/leftfield/nu-disco), Italo, High NRG, and even some proto-House — basically anything even vaguely related!

The tempo of this mix ramps up from a beginning-of-the-night 109 to a frantic 133 near the end, to mimic the usual pace of the Nous Nous Appelons Disco nights.

If you dig the stuff in this mix, come out on Friday!

Here’s the track list:

Z – Silver Lady Disco (Nous Nous Appelons Disco edit)
Hipnosis – Windland
Glass Candy – The Chameleon (Johan Agebjörn remix)
Gaznevada – I.C. Love Affair
Happy Mondays – WFL (Vince Clarke mix) (Autodisco‘s “We Love Mondays” edit)
Pink FloydKeep Talking (Nelue re-edit)
Västkustska Ryggdunkarsällskapet – Vansbro Boogie
Beatconductor – Funky Boogie
Colonel Abrams – Trapped
Ilya Santana – Discotized
Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind
Majeure – Teleforce (with samples from Steve Dahl and his disco demolition)
RAF Self Control (Trustus‘ Deeply Existential remix)
Cecile & Venice – Rimmel
Electric Minds – Pick Me Up (Casual Touch mix)
Sisters of Transistors – The Don
Trilogy – Not Love (instrumental)
Change – Angel in My Pocket
Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O.
Munich Machine – Space Warrior (DJ Empirical edit)
Giorgio Moroder – From Here to Eternity
Space – Magic Fly
Divine – You Think You’re a Man (Disco Beard‘s Big One edit)
Sylvester – Do Ya Wanna Funk
Zombi – Sapphire
Visage – The Damned Don’t Cry
Greg Vandike – Clone
A. Hobson – Perpetuum
Sylvia Love – Instant Love
The Flirts – Danger (Macho mix)
Kano – I’m Ready
Tantra Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley mix)
Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Eyes of Blue (DJ Empirical edit)

download: DJ Empirical, “Here Are Some Songs: June 2009”
jun 2009
I made this some time during the last week of june, 2009. I was practicing, making sure the upgraded version of Serato worked fine on my machine before my gig at the Pris Prom. It wasn’t particularly tight, and it required a lot of ex post facto level adjustments, but there’s some good stuff in there, so i thought i’d post it.


Cerrone – Supernature
DAF – Brothers
Bobby O – She Has a Way
Ottawan – You’re OK
Parvati Khan (Bappi Lahiri) – Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja
M.I.A. – Jimmy
Magic Men – Pop Corn
Sparks – Tryouts for the Human Race
JPLS – Spooked
Portishead – Machine Gun (Noise Floor Crew remix)
Uusitalo – Nälkälaulu
Die Haustiere – Danneggiato (Evan Scott remix)
Sarah Goldfarb – Confusion
Ellen Allien – ITS
Pole – Winkelstreben
The Librarian – The Enemy
OI!tER – I Wanna Be Your Underwear
Random Source – Face Like a Robot (original)
Front 242 – Tragedy >For You<
Skepta – Rolex Sweep (extended mix)
NWA – Something 2 Dance 2
Apotheosis – O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus mix)

As you can see, it starts out with italo & disco, then delves into techno for a while, and ends up in a very ridiculous place.

oh, and about halfway through, i bumped the phono/line switch and you get to hear about a second of the serato record. ha! very professional.