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download: Quahogs, “/rupture Removal”
09 feb 2008

This was inspired by Language Removal Service, and also People Like Us‘ “The Bits in Between“.

In fact, it can be considered a cover of the latter, as I used DJ /rupture, one of Vicki Bennett’s WFMU colleagues, as the source material. Specifically, I used the February 6, 2008 episode (see here), which featured his interview with Dexplicit.

I didn’t strictly stick to the bits in between words; I also left in self-identifiers (“Mudd Up”, “DJ /rupture”, etc.) and words like “wow” and “like”.

download: Quahogs, Beavis and Butthead, Volume 1
Part 1 2 3 4 5 6
circa 2001

Beavis and Butthead, Volume 1 was a glitch album executed live in one take, using a VHS tape of the show with the sound running through Audiomulch’s granulation, with periodic adjustment of the controls.

I would love for someone to marry this up with the video, as it really is quite interesting.

download: John Frusciante, “As Can Be (Quahogs’ Vowelized mix)”
circa 2000

My theory here was that since melody is carried in vowels (as opposed to consonants), if one were to edit out the consonants, all that would be left would be a sort of “concentrated” version of the song. The results were pretty interesting.

(You can check the original here.)