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It’s official: my debut release as schädel, on Racecar, has been announced!

The six-track EP, entitled Watch My Captor Grow Old and Die, will arrive on March 10th, just about a month away. As I said on my schädel FB page:

It’s taken me so long to do this that my list of thanks would be totally tl;dr, so rest assured, if you contributed in any way, I appreciate it.

So thanks, everyone. Please click through and listen to the previews over on Racecar’s page.

artwork for DJ Empirical, "Party Like It's Before 1990"

download: DJ Empirical, “Party Like It’s Before 1990”
14 feb 2010

This is my debut release on AERO, the longform mix release sublabel of Race Car Productions. For this one, I’ll let them speak for me:

DJ Empirical
Party Like It’s Before 1990
released: 2010-02
catolog #: AERO 013
Stephen Boyd is a fascinating character. As DJ Empirical he employs his knack for obscure music collecting and correlating seemingly unrelated tracks just perfectly. Here we find him behind the wheels of a Delorean going back to where it all began.

To add to that, basically I felt like early techno and electro (as well as acid) was not something I was as familiar with as I should be. I figured that doing a set of those tunes would force the research I needed to close that gap a bit.



Model 500 – Sound of Stereo (instrumental) [1987, Metroplex]
Hithouse – Jack to the Sound of the Underground [1988, CBS]
Rhythim Is Rhythim – It Is What It Is (Majestic mix) [1988, Transmat]
Armando – World Unknown (My Mixx Is Dunn) [1988, Warehouse]
Phresh Phantasy – Come on Acid [supposedly 1988, released 2005, Logistic]
Phuture – Acid Tracks [1987, Trax]
Virgo Four – In a Vision (808 State edit) [1987, Trax, edit 2008, Harmless]
Amnesia – Ibiza (Loco Acid remix) [1988, Indisc]
Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Shout (Ashley Beedle edit) [1987, FLEX, edit 2008, Harmless]
Cybotron – R-9 [1985, Fantasy]
Juan – Techno Music [1988, Ten]
A Tongue & D Groove – Feel Surreal [1988, Ten]
Adonis – No Way Back (Greg Wilson edit) [1986, Trax, edit 2008, Harmless]
Model 500 – What’s the Game [1988, Metroplex]
Rational Youth – Dancing on the Berlin Wall [1982, Yul]
Channel One – Technicolor (long mix) [1986, Metroplex]
Mike Dunn – So Let It Be Houze! [1988, Westbrook]
Forgemasters – Track With No Name [1989, Warp]