All posts for the month December, 2014

Hey. What’s up.

This is Stephen, whom you may know also as DJ Empirical, schädel, or some other music moniker I’ve used over the years. Statistically speaking, of course, you don’t know me; I’ve never had that large a following. That’s ok, though — I’m cool with that.

Over the years I’ve had a couple domains, usually to separate different projects, but I wanted to focus my efforts on one site. This will make everything easier for me to manage, and will also allow me to share things not directly related to my musical projects. I’ve been posting on the web way too long to import everything from everywhere, but I may move stuff here now and again from other places. Edit: I may go ahead and import some of my old things. Just know that anything here with a date before today (2014-12-30) is likely imported. If something looks weird, comment or email me.

So yeah, add the feed to your reader, or just pop back here now and again. Or don’t — no worries either way. Things look a bit bare-bones now, but I’ll be chipping away at that, too. Hopefully I can make this thing look shiny.