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Listen to “Guru Meditation (schädel mix)” by stAllio!.

stAllio! made another record, and asked me to do a remix. Here’s his description of the record on which it appears:

stAllio!’s triumphant return to the world of sonified data! once again, stAllio! plunges deep into his hard drive and listens to the data — image files, executables, and link libraries alike are converted to sound for his review. the choicest bits of data are then meticulously assembled into music: glitchy melodies, skittery rhythms, and thunderous beats emerge from the digital noise. you could call it IDM (interpreted data music), dirty 8-bit, or glitch-hop. stAllio! used to call it databent music, but these days prefers the simpler term “data sound.”

You can hear the original version of the track here.